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Electrical Accreditation Training New C18-510 Standard

Electrical Accreditation Training Program for the New C18-510 Standard

Duration : 1 day

Price : € 175 per day

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Training intended for non-electricians working in the proximity of electrical installations.


  • To enable trainees to update their knowledge and mastery of electrical safety regulations in relation to their assigned duties.
  • To enable trainees to integrate the main modifications of the NF C 18-510 standard.
  • To enable employers to update and renew electrical accreditation certificates.

1. Shared topics refresher retraining course; learning from experience

  • Effects of electric current on the human body : electrification, electrocution, burns
  • Accreditation : principles, symbols, restrictions and formalization
  • Analysis of accidents and near misses : established or potential processes and consequences*
  • Professional best practices*
  • Grade 0 accreditation : restrictions, environments, hazard analysis and preventive measures…
  • Documents : type and usage (only by request)
  • Collective protection : measures, equipment and signage
  • Work equipment used (ladders, hand tools…) : hazards and implementation
  • Fires and accidents on or near electrical works or installations

2.Practical exercises in training facilities

Optionally, some of the practical exercises can be done in the trainee’s facilities (an additional 1/2 day).

3.Evaluation and validation

  • Evaluation of the trainee’s knowledge at the end of each module
  • Evaluation of the trainee’s know-how through practical simulations and/or role play
  • Issuance of an accreditation grade with the preset symbols offered by the training entity


Must hold one of the following accreditation grades : B0, H0, H0V.


Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Montpellier, Toulouse


  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • € 10 ex VAT


Refresher retraining course frequency recommended by the CNAMTS : every 3 years