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Electrical Accreditation B0 H0 H0V for Non-Electricians : Training Program

Electrical Accreditation Program : B0 H0 H0V for Non-Electricians

Duration : 1 day

Price : € 175 per day

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The B0 H0 H0V electrical accreditation training is intended for non-electrical staff working in the vicinity of electrical installations.


  • To learn the industry regulations as defined in the NF C 18-510 standard.
  • To enable staff to perform operations of a non-electrical nature in premises normally reserved to electricians, and in the proximity of bare live parts.
  • The issuance of an accreditation grade with the preset symbols offered by the training entity.

1.Shared topics

  • Electrical magnitudes encountered during various operations
  • Effects of electric current on the human body : electrification, electrocution, burns
  • Electrical works or installations : voltage domains, restrictions and recognizing materials
  • Electrical environments and their constraints Accreditation: principles, symbols, restrictions and formalization
  • Safety regulations relating to electrical environments and operations
  • Collective protection : measures, equipment and signage
  • Work equipment used (ladders, hand tools…) : hazards and implementation
  • Fires and accidents on or near electrical works or installations

2.Topics specific to B0 H0 H0V Performer

  • Parties involved in works (role and function)
  • Accreditation grade 0 : restrictions, hazard analysis, preventive measures

3.Topics specific to B0 H0 H0V Site Foreman

  • Parties involved in works (role and function)
  • Documents : type and usage (work authorization, certificates for third parties)
  • Accreditation grade 0 : restrictions, hazard analysis, preventive measures
  • Work areas : implementation and monitoring

4.Evaluation and validation

  • Evaluation of the trainee’s knowledge at the end of each module
  • Evaluation of the trainee’s know-how through practical simulations and/or role play


No electrical knowledge is required for enrollment in the accreditation training course for non-electricians.


Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Montpellier, Toulouse


  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Wheelchair accessible


Refresher retraining course frequency recommended by the CNAMTS : every 3 years


  • Adapted classroom
  • Use of audiovisual resources pertinent to the topics covered : slideshows…


  • Presentations and discussions based on real-life experiences
  • Knowledge mastery regularly assessed throughout the course.
  • Computerized or written theoretical and practical tests.
  • Training quality evaluation questionnaire