Duration : 1.5 days (7 h on-site)

Price : € 165 ex VAT per day


Electrical or electromechanical staff working only in LV, tasked with carrying out lockout-tagout, and/or general operations, and/or tests, measurements and verifications, carrying out or supervising de-energized, non-live work


Must hold one of the following accreditation grades: B1, B1V, B2, B2V, B2V Tests, BC, BR, BR Photovoltaic, BE Measurements, BE Verifications, BE Tests, H0


To enable trainees to update their knowledge and mastery of electrical safety regulations in relation to their assigned duties, in accordance with the NF C 18-510 standard.


Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Montpellier, Toulouse


Complimentary breakfast
Wheelchair accessible
€ 10 ex VAT

1. Shared topics refresher retraining course; learning from experience

  • Effects of electric current on the human body : electrification, electrocution, burns
  • Accreditation : principles, symbols, restrictions and formalization
  • Analysis of accidents and near misses : established or potential processes and consequences*
  • Professional best practices*
  • Environments and their constraints
  • Accreditation : restrictions, hazard analysis, and preventive measures
  • Hazard analysis and implementation of general preventive principles
  • Collective protection : measures, equipment and signage
  • Personal protection equipment : identify, verify, use
  • Work equipment used (ladders, hand tools…) : hazards and implementation
  • Securing circuits : de-energizing, VAT (Voltage Absence Testing), lockout-tagout, placing out of reach
  • Applicable documents within the framework of an electrical procedure : safety instructions, confirmation
  • of lockout-tagout, confirmation of first step of lockout-tagout, work authorization,
  • certificate for third parties, notice of completion of works…
  • Preventive measures to be applied during a procedure : elimination of hazards, organization,
  • demarcation, signposting, observance and enforcement
  • Capacitive induction and coupling, and related preventive measures (achieving equipotential bonding)
  • Fires and accidents on or near electrical works or installations

2.Practical exercises in training facilities


  • Evaluation of the trainee’s knowledge at the end of each module
  • Evaluation of the trainee’s know-how through practical simulations and/or role play
  • Issuance of an accreditation grade with the preset symbols offered by the training entity


Note :

Refresher retraining course frequency recommended by the CNAMTS : every 3 years